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Sprite animations using WPF/Silverlight and JavaFX

Posted on by Mark
Usually when you begin to write any sort of application that requires visual flare, animations are always on the

Using Java with JavaFX

Posted on by Mark
Up until recently I have been playing around with JavaFX getting my hands dirty on some of the finer points of the FX Script

Quickbooks SDK

Posted on by Mark
I have been trying to use the Quickbooks SDK to integrate an ASP.NET 2.0 application with quickbooks premier 2006/2007

WebDav and Outlook Appointments in .NET

Posted on by Mark
Hello all, I have recently had the task of creating/updating/searching and deleting appointments in an outlook calendar by

JSF JDBC connection to SQL server 2005

Posted on by Mark
I have fianlly got around to figuring out how to connect to a sql server 2005 using a JDBC in JSF. Here is how my code

JSF has begun

Posted on by Mark
I finally got around to getting my teeth into JSF. I like it so far. Its so very different to .NET (which I have been

My First Blog

Posted on by Mark
Hello all, welcome to the world of Mark! This is my first blog