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My name is Mark Macumber. I’m an enterprise developer who is very interested in UI technologies and techniques. I have worked with many different languages and frameworks over┬ámany years, and I hope to share with you my findings and thoughts on topics that interest me.

I also love feedback, good and bad, so please, if you find anything I write interesting/incorrect don’t forget to comment or contact me.


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  1. David K

    Hi Mark,

    I actually found your name on an HP Support Website and I am hoping you can be of a bit more help than HP. I work in a large hospital in Canada and we are trying to purchase a few HP LD4200tm screens for multi-touch capabilities. I found you posted a question about whether this is actually true multi-touch, and we have exactly the same question, however technical support is unable to answer us. Have you found that this monitor supports hand gestures? I see that your answer mentioned that there is no HP driver yet, however HP tech support tells me that Windows 7 requires no driver anyways so it should work perfectly with any Microsoft operating system.

    Any information about this product, insights or complaints would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thank you very much.
    - David

  2. admin

    Hi David, so far I have not seen any official drivers, but I was speaking to a technical lead at HP and he assured me that there was going to be some official drivers “coming soon” which I know is not a great help.

    The issues comes down to the fact that Microsoft do not yet (although this may have since changed) have a driver specification for touch screens for windows 7 over 30″ so until they do HP are stuck…

    We are supposed to be hearing back from HP very soon about all this so I’ll let you know when I know.

    BTW, I don’t know why the HP guy you spoke to said that you don’t need drivers at all, surely that is totally untrue, we have Dell 21″ touch monitors for our development which do need drivers, and they work wondefully well.


  3. David K

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks so much for the response! I had a feeling I would have a better chance of hearing back from you than I would from HP. Are you currently using the product while you wait for the new drivers? Or do you find that the monitor doesn’t have much use until something new is developed by HP or Microsoft for large screens?

    If you could please let me know of any updates that you find I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you,


  4. Rick M

    Hey Mark,

    I’ve recently run into a problem that I saw you describe perfectly here:

    Unfortunately, there is no posted answer and I was wondering if you ever found a solution?


  5. Actually no, I never got help on it, I do think that it was my error more than WPF though, since then havent had any issues with the visual states, perhaps you could just re-ask the question on StackOverflow and see what you get :)

  6. Dbasis B

    Hi Mark,
    I work with C++ application.I was trying to insert/retrieve Unicode characters in Oracle 11g from my application.But I was unable to insert proper character in database ,it was showing inverted qustion marks(I also tried with converting the hex value of that character to UTF-8 format before inserting but not worked and prefix N’string’ also but not worked).and if I insert the characters by query,then while trying to retrieve the character I found the value am getting is not UTF-8/nor a hex value of that character.I found an article of your here, I found the content like my issue i’m getting.I am using Provider=MSDAORA.Is the Connection string I am using in application need to corrected for unicode .Any property need to be stated true in connection string for C++ application for Unicode.Please advice me something.
    Thanks in Advance

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