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Updated SpaceMissionFX to JavaFX 1.2

Posted on by Mark

“Some” of you may know of the SpaceMissionFX game that I wrote a while back to get familiar with JavaFX.

Well that was written in JavaFX 1.1 and I have decided that it is time to update it and make it compatible with 1.2 (also, I have not posted in a while!)…

In case you were wondering, there weren’t many API changes required, which was a great relief!

So here is a few more screens and the link to the samples site:

(in game action)

(destroying an asteroid)

(death by asteroid)

I have also uploaded the project, including the JNLP, netbeans project and the source code to the website.

You can find it here

As always, I love feedback, so if you like what you see, or want to know more, please let me know!

Until next time…

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3 Responses to Updated SpaceMissionFX to JavaFX 1.2

  1. Sam

    "Netbeans has the easy option to make an Applet out of a JavaFX application".
    I don't want none of this download stuff. Make my browser win!

  2. Mark

    Just click the JNLP file, webstart wins for you… :)

  3. Can there be Games developed using JavaFX with Backend dsatbaae interaction and much more?I am interested towards learning ways to develope Strategy games using JavaX.Thanks in advance.

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