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Posted on by Mark

I have joined a great open source project focused on creating great UI based widgets for JavaFX, its called “JFXtras” and its only in its early stages, but its looking like its going to get very popular and choc full of features very quick.

Just a quick list of features include:

  • Shapes and Silhouettes
  • Many layout controls such as Deck, Cell, Resizable, Grid, and more
  • Image utilities
  • Scrollbar Views
  • Navigation Menus
  • Background Worker
  • Heaps of Border based controls
  • Resizable Media Viewer
  • A Testing Framework

And more…

I should mention too that all of my bar graph work that I have done will be committed to it soon as well, hopefully for the 0.4 or 0.5 release!

Thats a pretty impressive list of features considering its only at release 0.3…

I really advise that people get into this project, even if you just use it to help with your own JavaFX projects, we love feedback, contributions, new ideas, etc.

Google Code Site
Google Group Developers
Google Group Users

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